April 2024

Health Insurance Mandates for Nonpharmacological Pain Treatments in 7 US States

This research letter in JAMA Network Open (1) documents the extent to which states have introduced or enacted mandates for coverage of nonpharmacological pain treatments and (2) describes and characterizes variation in such mandates. The findings from this study may help inform policy makers and relevant stakeholders considering legislation related to nonpharmacological pain treatments at the state and federal level.

November 2023

Telehealth Outcomes and Impact on Care Delivery: A Review of Evidence

Funded by the California Health Care Foundation, CHBRP conducted a rapid literature review of literature published between January 2021 and October 2022 examining the effectiveness of telehealth as compared with in-person care. The findings are available on CHCF's website

July 2022

Policy Considerations for Routine Screening for Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs)

This article discusses key issues in relation to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and potential changes in screening utilization and associated expenditures resulting from the recent ACEs legislation in California. 

December 2018

The Current State of Telehealth Evidence: A Rapid Review

This rapid review examines recent evidence both about telehealth’s efficacy by clinical area and about telehealth’s impact on utilization. 

August 2018

Universal Lead Screening Requirement: A California Case Study

This response addresses a letter to the editor entry regarding CHBRP'S analysis of Assembly Bill (AB) 1316 Childhood Lead Poisoning: Prevention. 

June 2006

An Analysis of California Assembly Bill 2185: Mandating Coverage of Pediatric Asthma Self-Management Training and Education

This report analyzes evidence on the medical effectiveness of pediatric asthma self-management training and education (PASMTE) and the impact that mandated coverage under Assembly Bill (AB) 2185 would have on total health care costs, utilizations, and the public’s health. 

June 2006

Assessing the Public Health Impact of State Health Benefit Mandates

This report documents the process used by the California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP)  in assessing the public health impact of proposed health insurance benefit mandates. 

June 2006

The California Cost and Coverage Model: Analyses of the Financial Impacts of Benefit Mandates for the California Legislature

This document outlines the cost and coverage model used for producing cost estimates of proposed health insurance benefit mandates for the California legislature. 

March 2006

Health Services Research as a Source of Legislative Analyses and Input: The Role of the California Health Benefits Review Program

This article examines the role of the California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP) as a source of information in state health policy making. 

March 2006

State-Mandated Benefit Review Laws

This report identifies states that have laws requiring the review of mandated health insurance benefits and describes the various approaches states take in reviewing mandated benefits, as stated in the mandated benefit review (MBR) laws.