How to Submit Information.

All interested parties who believe they have scientific evidence relevant to CHBRP's analysis of proposed health insurance benefit mandates as described in CHBRP's authorizing statute are encouraged to provide that information to CHBRP's staff. In order for CHBRP to meet its statutory 60-day deadline for its analyses, however, it must receive this information within 14 days of announcing a legislative request on this website at Recent Legislative Requests. This page will indicate the exact date by which all such evidence must be received to be included in CHBRP's analysis. Instructions for submitting evidence to be considered as part of CHBRP's analysis are provided below:

By U.S. Mail or Private Overnight Delivery:

Garen Corbett, Director
University of California, Berkeley
California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP)
Berkeley, CA 94720-3116

By Email:
Please put "Attention Garen Corbett, RE: SB xxx" or "AB xxx" in the subject line.

If you have any questions, please contact CHBRP's staff at 510-287-3876.