February 2024

What is Cost Sharing in Health Insurance?

This explainer aims to help clarify and explain the common cost-sharing terms often addressed in health policy legislation.

January 2024

Network Adequacy and Health Care Access Regulations in California

This explainer discusses current network adequacy standards for enrollees in California-regulated plans and policies, related federal and state regulations, and new and evolving issues that impact accessibility and coverage of health care for enrollees in California’s state-regulated insurance markets.

November 2023

Systemic Racism and CHBRP's Health Policy Analysis

CHBRP analyzes health disparities and social determinants of health (SDOH) when evidence demonstrates that these factors influence health outcomes, providers, or access to health care tests, treatments, and services identified in the bill. Because many disparities in health outcomes have their roots in systemic racism, it is important to explore the impact that systemic racism has on health policies, practices, structures, and systems, as well as the information available to CHBRP for conducting its analyses.

July 2023

Health Insurance in California 101: A Quick Guide to Understanding Health Insurance

This explainer includes an explanation of CHBRP, an overview of health insurance coverage in California, vocabulary to know for a better understanding of health policy legislation, and useful links to several other resources and organizations that provide additional useful health policy information. 

November 2022

California's Population Aged 65 Years and Older

This explainer provides an overview of the population aged 65 and older in California, including sources of health insurance, demographic information, and how legislation and regulations may impact insurance coverage for this population.

October 2021

An Overview of Claims Data and How CHBRP Estimates Utilization and Unit Cost

This explainer provides an overview of claims data, including how the data is collected, what information may be available within the datasets, and how the data are used to inform CHBRP's analyses.