Steven Tally, PhD

University of California, San Diego Health Services Research Center

Dr. Tally is a senior project manager at the Health Services Research Center in UCSD’s Department of Family Medicine and Public Health. His work includes managing all reporting efforts on the San Diego County Adult and Older Adult Mental Health System Data Analysis and Monitoring Evaluation. He has also been involved in the management of other evaluation projects in the fields of behavioral medicine and quality of life research. Additionally, he serves on CHBRP’s medical effectiveness team.

Dr. Tally’s primary interests and expertise include health care utilization in elderly populations, instrument and scale validation, and cross-cultural differences in socio-emotional states. In the past, he has worked as a statistical and methodological consultant as well as research director and senior statistician for a national survey research firm.

Dr. Tally received his PhD in Human Development from UC Irvine and his Master’s in Experimental Psychology from San Diego State University.