Implementation Report (2013)

CHBRP’s most recent reauthorization, Assembly Bill 1540, requested that the University of California submit a report to the Governor and the Legislature by January 1, 2014, describing the implementation of the bill as enacted. This implementation report is written to meet that request, and describes how the program has fulfilled the mission outlined in its authorizing statute during the years 2009 through 2013. Further, this report describes how the program has adapted its methods and developed new resources to assist policymakers, in response to considerable changes in California’s health insurance landscape.

AB 1540 Implementation Report
AB 1540 Implementation Report

Appendix 1:

Authorizing Legislation

CHBRP Staff List
Task Force Membership List
National Advisory Council Membership List
CHBRP Actuaries
CHBRP Librarians
CHBRP Funding Process and Operating Costs
 CHBRP List of Reports, Letters, and Products, 2009-Present
Summary of CHBRP Completed Reports on Mandate Bills, 2009-2013
Medical Effectiveness Analysis Research Approach
The California Cost and Coverage Model: An Analytic Tool for Examining the Financial Impacts of Benefit Mandates
 Public Health Impact Analysis and Research Approach
 60-Day Timeline of the Analytic Process
Content Expert Identification, Screening, and Selection Protcol
CHBRP's Conflict-of-Interest Policies: General Disclosure Form and NAC Disclosure Form
NAC Review Criteria and Guidelines
Clarification of Bill Language and Legislative Intent [Bill Author Questionnaire]
Health Care Service Plans' and Health Insurers' Proprietary Data Retention Destruction Policy
Existing Mandates in California Law
Media Citations of CHBRP or Its Work
Published Literature Citations of CHBRP
Other States' Health Benefit Review Programs, 2009